Effective Health Services in Central London 


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Osteopathy is a patient-centered system of healthcare. A first appointment generally lasts longer that subsequent appointments, to allow the osteopath adequate time to Listen and ask questions about your problem, your general health, other medical care you are receiving or medication you are taking, and record this in your case notes. Osteopathy specializes in the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal and other related disorders.

Sports Massage Therapy 

Sports massage is an advanced treatment that loosens up tight muscles, breaks down lactic acid and adhesions in muscle fibers and generally focuses on restoring and/or maintaining the full flexibility of your muscles. It can be used to aid recovery from training or an event or as part of a long term training program. Sports massage is effective in speeding up the recovery time and helps you to get back to your sport quicker. 

Medical Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture provides a fast effective route to pain relief, through the use of fine needles inserted into trigger points in muscles. The needles penetrate deep into knots of muscles, to relieve tension and increase blood flow to the region. They can hit stubborn knots with precision, even when the source of pain seems to be buried so deep as to be inaccessible to massage. Relaxing these trigger points can release long held pain.