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Registration and memberships

  • General Osteopathic Council
  • British Osteopath

Post Graduate Training

  • Osteon Manual Therapy Training - Medical Acupuncture
  • Barral Institute - Visceral Osteopathy Program
  • BSO – Still Technique
  • BSO. Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation
  • Molinari Institute. Women’s Health

Miqueias Leone  

Osteopath, Dip. Medical Acupuncture, Dip. Sports Massage

I qualified from the British School of Osteopathy with a Master’s Degree, after having worked as a sports therapist and a medical acupuncturist for six years. Having treated acute and chronic conditions in multidisciplinary clinics, I am proficient in the application of numerous techniques, which can be tailored to individual needs for improved patient care.

My approach is primarily structural, in the sense that I use a variety of techniques, such as joint manipulation, articulation, stretching and soft tissue massage. I also provide advice on postural and lifestyle factors, with the aim of minimizing the likelihood of the symptoms returning and enabling the patient to return to normal activities as soon as possible.

Being a sport and nutrition enthusiast I aim to incorporate exercise into the treatment, in order to aid patient recovery and assist with health self-management. I believe in helping patients to develop a clear understanding of injuries, their causes, recovery and prevention.

My professional interests reside in osteopathy, management of sports injuries and nutritional approaches to improve musculoskeletal symptoms. I regularly undertake professional training within osteopathy to stay up to date with the latest clinical practices and improve patient care.

Direct Enquiries and Bookings: 07835144768

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